‘You Can Feel the Love’

Pam Gurd

I decided to purchase The Third Day for Christmas presents for my Bible study group. I’m so glad I did. It is so easy to read these chapters the way Carol explains the Bible stories in only the way she can … like she is sitting in your living room, chatting with you. You can feel the love she has for the Lord, causing you to want to delve deeper into the Word.

One of our group members stated, and we all agreed, that Carol’s way of showing the genuineness of characters and faithfulness in their lives is a real testimony to us and provides wisdom and concrete steps that we can put into practice in our lives.

The Third Day helps you see how the Old and the New Testament go hand-in-hand… how there are repeated messages scattered throughout the Bible, that all are a continuous thread leading us to the gospel… how we see patterns played out over and over again.

Carol’s books cause me to want to know God better, to search His word more and to study intentionally.

— Pam Gurd

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