‘Among My Favorites’

While Carol’s most important attribute is that she is one of the most devoted Christian women I have ever met, turns out she is also an excellent writer. Her book, On The Third Day, is among my favorites. Her conversational style gives you the sense that she’s welcomed you into her home to join her Bible study… or that she’s sitting right there with you at yours! On The Third Day is more than just a fascinating discussion about numbers… it delivers on Carol’s promise to connect these experiences to the greatest event in history – the Resurrection of Christ! I truly believe that God has blessed Carol with the gift of authorship so that she might bless others and lead them to Christ. Her books are “must reads” for those who are deep in their Faith or just starting their journey. — Kevin Bakewell

As I began reading The Original Skin, I was struck immediately by the question: Which of Satan‘s lies do I struggle with? Carol leads us through a study of women in the Bible who, facing the same question, leaned into their faith in God for strength and freedom from those lies… and found JOY! These women, whom I have read about so many times before, became more real to me through this study. Carol walks us through many familiar struggles in life… knowing that in God, in His Word… the answers are found! — Debbie Bakewell

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